i was very sceptical about ciss ink systems and spent a long time researching which system would be most suitable for my needs.

i contacted cityink by phone and could not get over how helpful they were in advising me on which system would be best for my needs. i am self employed but in the course of my work i do need to produce course literature, black and white and also colour.  it was costing me a fortune in cartridges, am i glad that i took the bull by the horns and purchased this system.

it is saving me a fortune as i have had the system about 9 months with every day printing and only just ordered my first supply of ink. brilliant colour reproduction and printer continues to run as normal with no jet clogging. ordered this ink on thursday evening  and it arrived saturday morning. excellent service.

i would and am recommending this system to all my friends, family and business acquaintances. their loss if they don’t buy ciss from cityink.
thanks very much  cityink.