Have Just placed ANOTHER ORDER with C-I-E ! We Have been using a CISS Originally Bought for an Epson PX720 for about 18 Months now.

After the PX720 Expired from Over Use, we replaced it with the PX730 and after a quick call to the Guys at C-I-E we ordered a new chip and some spare filters for just a few Quid.
We didn't have to replace anything else and were up and running in about 10min!


Having now expanded our Printing to A3+ with the Epson R3000 , we are now trying out the FotoRite Pigment Based Inks , as we have always had such great results with the Dye Based version on our other printers. And with a Full Set (900ml) being over £100 Cheaper than Original Cartridges (234ml), We can pass great savings on to our customers and still make a healthy margin.


If You are undecided about CISS System's, JUST DO IT! For The Tiny Bit of SetUp Time, The Rewards are FANTASTIC. Last Year we saved over £500, This Year We can now expect to save £1000+


Even if you are just a casual home user you will make great savings. And if you use it for Business, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank!


Oh and By The Way....... I Started Writing this e-mail 10 Mins after ordering.... just had my Shipping Conformation !


Great CISS System,
Great Ink's,
Great Customer Service,
Great Shipping & Delivery



Hi C.I.E.


Would just like to say, anyone thinking about buying one of these continuous ink systems, do it!


We have used one for our old Epson printer for about 3-4 years now, our printer works hard and it must have saved us an absolute fortune. We have just bought a latest model Epson printer but I can say I would never buy another printer without buying a continuous ink system at the same time.


I am installing the system today but loved the old one that much that I will continue using it and will find some desk space for another machine in case we want to print at the same time. Well done city ink and keep up the good work.

P.S.Your youtube videos are really helpful too!


I have now purchased 3 printer & CISS bundles from City Ink Express, 2 Brother printers and one Epson. They have all been straightforward to set up, one of the Brothers came with ink in the CISS system, all I had to do was fit the air filters and slot the cartridges in. The second brother I had to fill the ink and then prime the cartridges but this was easy with the aid of the video on the City Ink Express Youtube channel – I would recommend you watch the relevant video before setting up your printer. Both the Brothers have a separate ink tank, but it doesn’t take up much space.


The last printer was an Epson with refillable cartridges which I haven’t done yet, but it’s just a case of filling them using the syringes supplied and removing the air plugs. This a great option if you don’t want a separate tank with tubes.

This is our 4th order from City Ink Express. We have purchased 2 CISS from them; one for each of our Epson Printers and have saved a fortune.  We are a professional garment printers offering print, embroidery and screen printing.

I was always sceptical about non-genuine cartridges but when we calculated our costs on Originals compared to the CISS I thought we should give it a go as it was only the same price as two sets of cartridges which would only last us about a week. I have been thoroughly impressed and only wish that we had done this a few years ago when we first started out.


The print quality is excellent and the inks are very wash resistant on both light and dark garments. We print about 250 garments per week with our CISS’s, and we are often up to 80% coverage. We have thousands of satisfied customers, and we are happy to pass our savings onto them making us much more competitive in a very saturated market.

We are also helping the environment by not producing 30-40 empty cartridges per month too.

Very glad we found you…



I am running a small therapy school so heavily using printed material both for marketing and for my students. I have being using all sort of solution to cut printing costs, but the one City Ink Express offer is by far the best. I have saved a huge amount of money WITHOUT reducing the quality.


Dror S.