“I have nothing but praise for City Ink Express. Not only do their CISS systems save pots of money on printing costs, but they also provide a superb service.


The CISS in my Epson Stylus sprung a small leak after about a year of use, and immediately they offered to replace it free of charge and totally without quibble. The complete replacement system was in my hands two days later. Recently I ordered more ink online; it arrived the next day. This company has made me see inkjet printers in a totally new way.”



These ciss ink tanks are brilliant value for money. We purchased ink tanks for our Epson and Cannon printers and both seem to have lasted an age! This purchase is for additional ink to top up the tanks but I’m sure the last set of ink lasted over 6 months, and we print every day! I would recommend ciss ink tanks to anyone who want to save a bundle on printing costs.



I run a small architectural design service and we print a large amount of full-colour prints using a continuous ink system purchased from City Ink Express.

I was initially sceptical about using the system, but 18 months later I have had no problems whatsoever and we have saved hundreds, if not thousands of pounds!



We currently use City Ink Express CISS ink systems on our two Epson Printers, and they are fantastic! Very easy to install using the video guidelines on the website, and runs without a problem. We have estimated that using this ink system over the last few months has saved us over 300 in printing costs! Well worth it and would recommend to others that do high levels of printing!


Rachel at MadScience