The HP LaserJet 5 Series

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As we're pretty much experts in the field of HP toner cartridges, it is fair to say we've had our fair share of dealings with the HP LaserJet 5 series. As such, we thought we'd write a brief summary of this popular line to let you know the score.


The HP LaserJet 5 series was introduced in the middle of the 1990s as part of Hewlett Packard's existing LaserJet range. The LaserJet 5 series can unofficially support up to 32MB 72pin SIMM modules with parity, which lets you install up to 98MB of memory.


Being a range of monochrome printers, the 5 series will only allow you to print in black - making them ideal additions to offices, or anywhere that requires quality documents in black print. 


As far as the network connection is concerned, though the 5 series does not come with a network adaptor, there is an expansion slot and the firmware itself supports all network printing. A little tip for you: if you are struggling to install a network card, you can reset your printer back to its factory settings, then let the printer fully boot before releasing the online button. You should now be able to get the network configuration to work just fine.


All-in-all the HP LaserJet 5 series is a high-quality laser printer which will be most at home in office environments.

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7 Fun Things to Print

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We've come up with an awesome list of 10 fun things to print, and the best thing is, they're all free! 


We generally use our printers for mundane tasks, but infact, you can actually use them to print off some pretty cool stuff. Confused? Don't be, the next 7 little pearls of wisdom will soon make everything clear...



If you fancy getting your hands on any of these fun things to print, simply click on the name to be taken to the appropriate page. You can thank us later.


To give you an idea of the kind of savings you could be making with City Ink Express, we thought we would share with you our HP toner cartridges price list. You will find both examples of original and compatible options on our HP toner cartridges price list, so you can choose whether you wish to have toner made by HP themselves, or a third-party manufacturer.


Though we’ll give you some examples from our HP toner cartridges price list, if you go to our HP toner page itself you will find a complete list of devices listed by their model number. All you must do then is select your model to be directed to a list of toner cartridges that are compatible with your particular printer.


Some examples are:


HP LaserJet 2100

C4096A LaserJet 2100 Compatible Toner | Black

£29.14 inc. VAT

C4096X LaserJet 2100 Compatible High Capacity Toner | Black

£36.16 inc. VAT



C4096A LaserJet 2100 Toner | Black

£92.32 inc. VAT


HP LaserJet 4000


C4127XX LaserJet 4000 Compatible High Capacity Toner | Black

£36.36 inc. VAT

C4127X LaserJet 4000 Compatible High Capacity Toner | Black

£40.43 inc. VAT


C4127X LaserJet 4000 High Capacity Toner | Black 

£114.19 inc. VAT