Printer toner health and safety, you ask; what could possibly be dangerous about a toner cartridge? Well actually this isn’t just an example of the nanny state overbearing their hyper-sensitive regulations on us, toner can actually cause harm to us humans, so it only makes sense for us to share a few quick pointers on printer toner health and safety:

It’s the dust that toner produces in substantial quantity that is actually hazardous to us (by causing us respiratory irritation).

Spilled toner dust working its way through the vents of your printer, blocked waste compartments, and careless changing of your cartridge can all cause hazardous toner spillages.

While the dust produced can irritate anyone, it is those with existing respiratory conditions who should be especially cautious and avoid changing cartridges themselves.

Spilled toner should be vacuumed and not brushed – to avoid a dust cloud forming. Cold water should be used to remove the remaining toner, as hot water may cause the spillage to turn sticky.

Toner can be disposed of as normal, though we recommend using a sealed bag to avoid the fine powder leaking.

Why is Toner So Expensive?

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There's no doubt about it, laser printers are dominating the printing game. Their quality and speed of printing is a force to be reckoned with and pretty difficult to argue against. However, the one element of purchasing a laser printer which seems to involve continuous disappointment is the astronomical cost of toner cartridges. Toner ranges in price depending on which printer manufacturers you are opting for, but one thing is unanimous - Brother, HP, Lexmark, Epson - no matter what the brand, the cost of toner seems too high. 


So why is toner so expensive? There are many theories floating around on the internet, but here are the plausible reasons why printing companies charge through the roof for their branded toner cartridges.


1. Laser printers are relatively cheap 

Considering the technology implemented within laser printers, the number of functions which they can perform and the quality of the printing job guaranteed when using a laser printer, the actual cost of the machine is extremely cheap. Many of the larger companies such as HP, Brother and Lexmark are actually operating at a loss with the cost of their laser printers when you take into consideration the parts, the technology and the hours required to create one, which is why they make their money from toner cartridges - because a printer cannot run without toner, and you will need a replacement toner cartridge every couple of months or so. 


2. Toner cartridges utililse exceptionally complicated technology

Many printer manufactuers include a special microchip in their toner cartridges which attempts to stop counterfit toner cartridges from working in their printer. This is an added expense to actually make the toner, and consequently the retail cost is much higher. 


So how do we get around the cost of toner?

There are two options. You can try and make your toner last longer by reducing the output resolution, saving your colour cartridges for colour printing, turning on toner save (a function available for most laser printers) and using an eco-friendly font. The alternative is to swap to high-quality alternative compatible toner cartridges, like our exceptional range of cheap toner cartridges by Fotorite. Fotorite make a range of incredibly high-quality toner cartridges and offer different cartridges which are compatible with the majority of printer models and manufacturers. Fotorite toner cartridges offer a significantly lower price without compromising on the quality of your print job. Get your compatible toner cartridges from City Ink Express today. 

In case you hadn't already noticed, here at City Ink Express we are champions of the continuous ink supply system (CISS). We would argue that using a CISS rather than your standard printer ink cartridges is far more efficient, time-saving and will not affect the quality of your printing. As well as a professional and efficient printing job, opting for a CISS system over a standard printer cartridge will save you a very significant chunk of money indeed!


Here are the two main reasons why CISS systems save you money:


1. They last far longer than a traditional ink cartridge 

Your CISS system is a fairly large tank with four separate containers for the different coloured inks. There is significantly more room in each of these containers than in any individual printing cartridge meaning that naturally the ink in your CISS system will last far, far longer than in any ink cartridge for there is simply more of it! 


2. They are much cheaper to refill 

Though purchasing and setting up a CISS system can be relatively costly, once you have your system in place the price of the ink refills are dramatically less than you would pay for a standard ink cartridge. Therefore, with a CISS system you pay out once and then have a stress-free printing life with cheap refills, but with purchasing ink cartridges you pay out a hefty sum every time you're out of ink! 


And there you have it - the lowdown on CISS systems. We know which printing option we'd prefer. 

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Hearts And Flowers Silicone Mould D7

Hearts and Flowers Silicone Mould D7

Our Silicone Bakeware range is a range of novelty silicone moulds in a variety of different adorable shapes for you to create delicious treats which are cute too! Our silicone moulds can be filled with chocolate, fondant, ice, jelly, sweets, candy, soap, resin, mousse, pates and wax so you can make adorable edible treats or even some shaped wax works or soaps! 

Smiling Bear Silicone Mould B8

Smiling Bear Silicone Mould B8

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Gingerbread Lady Silicone Mould H1

Gingerbread Lady Silicone Mould H1

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Heels and Handbags Silicone Mould F4

Heels and Handbags Silicone Mould F4

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7 x 5 Premium Glossy 210gsm 50 Sheets Resin Coated 

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A4 Matte Photo Paper 110gsm 100 Sheets 

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T Shirt transfer paper for Dark garments - 5 pack

T-shirt Transfer Paper for Dark Garments - 5 Pack

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