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If you are looking for an Epson CISS printer bundle, the good news is we have now some brand new models in! We now stock the Epson XP-510, XP-610, XP-615, XP-710, and the XP-810!

This means that if you are seeking a cost effective printing solution for a quality Epson printer, your choice has grown even larger. All of our printer bundles contain eveything you need to get started, so all you need do is pick whichever one caters to your particular printing needs!

Why pay more for your printing?

After extensive testing we are pleased to be the Uk's 1st supplier to release and support the following printer models with a ciss, stocks are limited and they are selling fast so get yours now !!

Epson XP-212, XP-215, XP-312, XP-315, XP-412, XP-415 printers

Well its a sad day for this model - we were planning to look and develop this model shortly - but after i was shopping in Nottingham on Saturday i saw the MG6350 printer in John Lewis so decided to take a look at it and see if it would be possible.


Unfortunatey due to design of this printer it wont be possible There is no clearance room for the inklines with just a couple of mm all around the print head when it travels under the casing


Its slender sleek design is the 1st issue  - without height make it difficult for the inklines














The second issue is lid opening design and clearance from the print head







The only options customers will ever see for this model will be Refillable cartridges or compatbile cartridges - Refillable cartridges are and excellent alternative to a ciss and offer the same cost cutting benefits  - as soon as we have them available we will post


regards shane

We are currently developing and testing ciss continuous ink systems for the Canon IP7250, MG5450 and MG6350. The release date is expected to be the end of November 2012.



We are also developing ciss continuous ink systems for the Canon Pixma Pro-1, Pro-10 and Pro-100. Release date to be confirmed.

We are now developing ciss systems for the following model printers:

• Epson XP-102
• Epson XP-202
• Epson XP-205
• Epson XP-30
• Epson XP-302
• Epson XP-305
• Epson XP-402
• Epson XP-405

• HP Officejet Pro 8100e ink cartridges
• HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One ink cartridges
• HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One ink cartridges

These new continuous ink systems will be available shortly.