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We've got some very exciting news from the City Ink Express offices this week - and that is that some of our fantastic products are being featured on National Television! 'Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose' airs Saturday mornings between 9:00 and 10:00am on Channel 4 and on this week's episode (Saturday 4th October) our Edible Ink Starter Kit with Canon MG5550 A4 with Scanner Value Kit will feature alongside presenters Steve Jones and Lisa Snowdon.




Saturday's episode of Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose will contain a section on cake decorating with master patissier Eric Lanlard, and edible printing features as part of this. With our range of edible ink and edible ink printers you can decorate your baked goods with precision and flair, really taking the quality of your cakes to the next level!


With edible ink printers you can use a variety of different papers including edible wafer papers, icing papers and even some delicious choco icing papers! These will make your fantastic creations come to life in a delicious edible way.


Anyone who enjoys baking and would love to explore taking their creations to the next level should look at our edible ink products and see City Ink Express can help transform your baking.



Tune in to Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose on Channel 4 this Saturday 04th October at 9:00-10:00 am for some fabulous recipes and foodie ideas, and of course to see our fantastic edible ink starter kit in action! 

If you hadn't already gathered by now, continuous ink supply systems or CISS systems are a speciality for us here at City Ink Express. With continuous ink supply you are saving an incredible amount of both time and money with your printing, without ever compromising on quality. Our CISS systems are extremely popular, but they can be fairly tricky to fit and install. We offer as many installation tutorial videos as we possibly can over on our YouTube channel, but of course with the extent amount of printer manufacturers and models we cater for it's extremely difficult to get a tutorial done for them all! 


This is where our CISS printer bundles come in handy: you can purchase a fantastic quality printer with a built in CISS system and have it delivered to your doorstep. This is fantastic value for money and requires zero effort apart from the click of a button your end - what could possibly better? We have found our CISS printer bundles an extremely attractive option for customers, which is why we thought we'd draw up a quick top 5 list to show you which printer bundles our customers tend to opt for to help you make your decision! 

If you need any help making your choice please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we are always more than happy to help.


1. Epson WF-2520NF A4 CISS Printer Bundle


2. Epson XP-405 A4 CISS Printer Bundle 


3. HP 6520 A4 CISS Printer Bundle 


4. Canon MG5550 A4 CISS Printer Bundle


5. Brother DCP J132W A4 CISS Printer Bundle 

We're delighted to announce that we've recently joined the exciting world of Pinterest, and we can't quite believe we were missing out for so long! Here at City Ink Express we'd consider ourselves experts in all things printing - we offer low cost, high quality solutions for almost all of your printing needs. This means that we naturally have a keen interest in photography and beautiful images, as well as how to print them of course. We use Pinterest to pore over stunning works of photography, which we consequently pin to our specific boards and share on social media - but only if the image is truly special.


We believe our interest in photography provides us with another dimension to engage with our customers and social media followers, and we love sharing images we think are great and seeing which photography inspires others. Though we're fairly new to Pinterest, we're really excited about our new social media venture, and we're really enjoying exploring some of the stunning photography that's available through Pinterest. Here are 3 of our favourite Pinterest boards and some of the gorgeous images we've pinned ot them! Don't forget to give us a follow.


1. Inspiring Scenery

Our Inspiring Scenery board is home to this beautiful image, which simply took our breath away when we saw it. The mesmerising scenery and incredible colour scheme just stops you in your tracks - we simply had to pin and share it. This image got some great responses on our Google + page - it seems you guys love this image of West Virginia from Joseph Rossbach just as much as we do!


2. Beautiful Photography

This picture doesn't really need an explanation does it? It lives on our Beautiful Photography board for the simple reason that it is such a beautiful shot! It perfectly captures how big and powerful lions really are, you certainly wouldn't want to mess with the one pictured here would you?


3. Portraits of People

Portraits of people make up some of the most simple but effective photography ever. This shot by Rebecca Cygnus is truly magical. Though not strictly a portrait, it's an image of a person - but the setting and the pose is what really brings this picture to life. The colours and the beautiful reflection in the water are why we just had to pin this image to our Portraits of People board. 

Here at City Ink Express we strive to offer a complete service to our customers. Our continuous ink supply systems can save you a tremendous amount of money - in some cases up to 80%. If you purchase our printer bundles then we'll do the tricky installation bit for you, ensuring your CISS system is properly fitted to your new system. If you're just going to order your CISS system and install it yourself however, then we want to ensure that we can provide you with any help you might need. 


Naturally we get dozens of enquiries on fitting CISS systems to different printer models every day, and it is nigh on impossible for us to get back to everyone - though we do try our best. To try and combat this problem we decided to create a City Ink Express YouTube Channel and create some fantastic easy-to-follow tutorials on fitting CISS systems to different printers, replacing ink in CISS systems and various other handy things. 


We've built up quite a library of tutorials and we're frequently adding new videos and based on some great feedback and regular sharing from you guys, we're pleased to announce they're going down really well! As long as there's a need, we will do our best to meet those needs by adding videos regularly.

We rely on our feedback to understand what you guys want to see and what you like to see. Chell said that "The quality [of her City Ink Express CISS system] is excellent and, with the photo step by step and the video on YouTube it was so simple, it was so easy to install" and another loyal customer told others "don't worry if you're unfamiliar with CISS, CityInk have provided helpful step-by-step videos for each system, available on Youtube." We're very thankful for your feedback and would love to keep hearing from you.

Our latest video can be found here: 


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This is the second CISS I've purchased from City Express and I'm very happy with both the product and customer service. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with CISS, CityInk have provided helpful step-by-step videos for each system, available on Youtube.


I use the pigment inks, which are vibrant and hard wearing, perfect for my T-shirt designs. Don't be fooled into thinking you need to buy your printer manufacturers official cartridges, they say you need them simply because they want your money!


All of the major companies have reduced the ink capacity of there cartridges by up to half, cut one open and you'll see that a good portion of your money is spent on fresh air. I refuse to be ripped off, that is why I use CityInk Express.