We are now please to be fully suporting Big sur for sublimation printing , with no colour management issues and colours comparable to all previous versions on a mac

If your printer was not purchased in the uk / Europe then it will use different cartridges for the ciss - for it to work in your country you will need chipless firmware - read on 


What is chippless firmware?

Chippless firmware is a modified version of the software installed inside your printer that has been modified so it no longer monitors the chips or ink levels, this is uploaded to your printer and overwrites the current version of the software.


The benefits of chippless software are it gives the user the ability to put cartridges in the printer with no chips or the wrong chips , an example of use would be if you have intermittent issues with chips doing this would solve that as it no longer checks for chips.


An alternative scenario would be where you get the same printer in different countries but the chip / cartridges are different so you cannot buy a product from one country and put it in the same printer in a different country because the cartridges and chips are different andwould not be recognised.


Making the printer chippless would as an example allow the user to buy a ciss or refillable cartridges for the XP-4100 in the UK and install them in the US version of the same printer.


Using a chippless firmware will void your warranty 


Its as easy as this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxljgwByvBk


Once uploaded you should not update your firmware from Epson, or it will overwrite the modified version and go back to how it was before with normal unmodified firmware, ink levels will no longer be monitored so manual checking will be required of the product you are using. 


If done in error, it can be recovered if you have saved your recovery code the software offers at time of modification.


Chipless firmware is offered here https://inkchip.net/


We are often asked by why we do not offer detailed technical support by phone - so here are our reasons.


We cannot see what you can


Many of our products require detailed technical support which often requires images and screen shots of the product setup, settings, images - without these we cannot see and understand the whole picture and offer an effective prompt solution


Sometimes with the settings you have - you might think they are right but may not be - we need to see images to find this out - it only takes 1 wrong thing to stop the product working  building up a complete picture of support helps us.


We do not record conversations and each time you ring you may get a different staff member who has no idea who you are or any previous history this may result in wrong advice being given.


Building up a complete picture of support over time helps understand and troubleshoot to give the best advice as we can see what has been done and tried before.


Building up a complete picture of support by email means any member of staff can read all the history and support you. 


Building up a complete picture of support helps us improve the quality of the products and level of service we provide.


Cityinkexpress are happy to annnounce we are now distributors of Sublirip Pro Software package for sublimation printing - 


Compatible software is needed to handle the icc profile for sublimation printing if you want good colours , you cannot simply print from windows without software, mac users do not need software for icc profile colour management as it can be controlled by the operating system

What makes SubliRIP software so special?

Huge selection of printing templates.

Weekly Updates
Once every two weeks the software will be updated with new printing templates when new products are added to the range

Email support
We are just an email away, if you have any sales, after sales or technical support questions then just drop us an email.

ICC Profiles
Easy to load ICC profiles

Design & Print
Software is very simple to use. You simply select the template to work from, use your creative ideas to make something special, add some clip art or text and print.Clip art. Nice selection of clip art which you can use on any printing template. Simply double click the design, resize and position.

Photo correction
Powerful photo correction feature allows you to change the contrast, saturation, & more with our easy click & slide function.

Export designs
If you have designed a template and would like to use it again. Well you can. with the option to export the file as a JPG to print again later

Very powerful options built right in
SubliRIP software is a very powerful tool with built in design features to make sublimation printing a breeze! Easy to use interface,Clip art and text tool, FREE Lifetime updates, ICC Colour Profiles Design & Print,Photo Correction
Image Name


Video Tutorials and download

Limited trial version can be downloaded here www.sublirip.com/downloads

Software can be purchased here www.bit.ly/buysublirip


Extensive Video Guides can be found below


How to update template files =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-1

Printing using merge and direct print option =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-2


How to use product templates and clip art =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-3


Some useful shortcut keys =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-4


Upload your own clipart or template files =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-5


Saving work and creating multiple tabs =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-6


SubliRip Pro - Background fill and text tool =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-7


Select, Rubber, Pencil and fill bucket tool =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-8


Colour, Brightness, contrast and shadows =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-9

Sublimation Grayscale Editor =  www.bit.ly/Sublirip-Pro-10

EPSON Firmware Update


Epson have released a new firmware update, which will cause you printer to no longer recognise your continuous ink system and refillable cartridges. This is for any of the T29 cartridges, including the newer models that Epson have just released. We kindly ask for you to not update your printer firmware at the moment. We have no other solution for this now, but we will keep you updated. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or LiveChat.



  • XP-235
  • XP-245
  • XP-247
  • XP-332
  • XP-335
  • XP-342
  • XP-345
  • XP-432
  • XP-435
  • XP-442
  • XP-445
  • Plus, Epsons newer T29 models