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There is certainly no shortage of choice in the world of printer bundles or brands today! Although this may seem like a bonus in terms of offering you an Aladdin’s cave of different devices, in fact, it actually makes your decision that little bit more difficult.


Thankfully for you City Ink Express have been there and got the t-shirt – well, we ensured the t-shirt was printed effectively, at least. So to help you make a more informed purchasing decision, here is a quick run through of our biggest selling printer bundles, and what they can do best for you:



Epson are a Japanese manufacturer that proudly boasts to be the largest producer of computer printers in the world! As you would expect then Epson have a great range of printers and are a good all-round brand. With a sharp focus on home printing, Epson printer bundles are ideal for use in domestic settings!



Hewlett-Packard – or HP – are an American based information technology firm based in California, and they too have also been making some winning printers for quite some time. HP too have an excellent range of printers meaning you are bound to find the right device for you - of course based on your requirements and printing needs. HP manufacture laser and inkjet models, so if you’re after a specific type of printer they may the brand for you.



The next biggest seller of our printer bundles are electronic giants, Canon, who are based in Japan. Canon are well known as being an imaging brand, and so along with their cameras and photocopiers their printers are all about quality image printing – this makes them an ideal brand for photography enthusiasts!



We’re staying in Japan for the final of our top brands and bundles with Brother. Brother also boasts a range that includes colour, laser, and inkjet printers. Though brother may lack the stature of some of the largest competitors it is still a good contender, and its reputation is more solid function as opposed to fancy frills – which is great, if you like that kind of thing.

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This is the first time I have used City Ink Express after buying numerous cheap CISS systems which have either not worked at all or ruined the print head after a month or so. I decided that the extra cost was worth it for the customer support, warranty and hopefully better quality system and ink. I originally ordered a Canon MG5150 CISS bundle but Shane emailed me very promptly asking if it would be ok to upgrade the order to the next model up (Canon MG5250) at no extra cost which I gratefully accepted. The printer arrived the next day and I had great communication from the courier. Everything was packaged well and all boxes undamaged.
Next step was setting the machine and CISS system up. As with all City Ink Express systems you can find very helpful tutorial videos on their YouTube channel so this is where I headed first and found the video to match the printer. The video was very thorough and easy to follow which made setup a breeze. As with most multi-function printers, CISS systems can be difficult to route due to having a scanner on top. This means that the lid on this model has to stay open slightly but a metal bracket is included for the job. The only criticism I have of the CISS system is the metal bracket may not be substantial enough to support scanning heavier items such as books as it only supports one side of the lid. It may be an idea to include two brackets, one for each side of the printer, to better distribute the weight of the scanner and make it more stable with the CISS system installed. Other than that setup went without a hitch following the video and everything I needed.


This is how the printer looks once setup is complete. Even with the lid open slightly everything functions as normal. I was worried that the slight slant may make scanning more difficult but the scanner is aligned from the back left corner so I found the slant actually helped keep documents in place.
When the printer was turned on for the first time it detected the cartridges and began its priming process which took around 5 minutes. I had to do a single head clean to pump some ink through the CISS system and remove any air from the tubes and after this the printer performed perfectly. All colours print well and look vibrant and text is very clear.

Overall I am extremely pleased with both the Canon MG5250 printer and the CISS system from City Ink Express. Shane replied to any questions I had promptly before purchase and the level of customer service throughout the transaction was superb. I have bought many CISS systems over the years and some have been disastrous. From now on I will be paying a bit extra and buying from City Ink Express. The quality of the system and ink seems far superior to any CISS system I have bought previously and I have somewhere I can go back to for refills which will be of the same high quality as the ink already in the system which is a big plus for me! I will be highly recommending City Ink Express from now on.




We have two Canon MP printers, a Pixma MP210 and my wife’s older model 150. I bought mine because it uses the same cartridges as my wife’s only to find mine will not accept the larger and more economical cartridges. Our bills were horrendous, continually buying both sizes and after some problems with compatible inks and ‘refill your own‘, we gave up economising preferring the originals. Friends were skeptical about using CISS ink systems having had many problems themselves but my son said otherwise and recommended the one from Cityinkexpress.  It cost some £60 and he helped me fit it which took all of 30 minutes. The whole process was easy, much easier than I had feared after all the negative advice. It just needed a basic understanding of what the system actually needs in the way of breathing and supply and initial priming. The instructions were quite adequate for this and the ink reservoir was placed at the side of the printer on a foam mat to avoid movement. It has never needed to be primed in well over a year of constant use.
During the installation, in order to run the ink supply tubes conveniently, we needed the smallest of cutaways on the front of the printer to access the interior and using the adhesive pads and clips, the tubes were easily secured inside the printer leaving a generous loop for the carriage travel. This means that when not in use the front fold-up flap of the printer is left down to avoid trapping the tubes but this isn’t a problem as the printer is in almost daily use anyway and this also removes the chance of forgetting to lower the flap when printing and scrunching the paper up. The supplied cartridges looked identical to the original Canon’s except for the ink supply tubes fixed to the tops of each and both clipped into place as normal. My wife uses my printer for any flyers or bulk printing and only uses her printer for the day to day letters etc. She has not bought any replacement cartridges since we fitted the system to my printer.
Just a few months ago we decided to make full use of the economy of the CISS. We had previously done some costing for the printing of calendars for a local charity using original inks and these came out for materials at some £3.50 each leaving little margin for any profit at the Christmas fair. Using the CISS system and a lighter grade of paper, the cost dropped to £1.50 each and we produced a total of 35 A4 calendars of 13 pages each printed on both sides with photos covering half the sheets on hi-res 140gm paper. The saving for ink over the first year must have been some £200 against original ink cartridges and when it came time to top up, we declined to use of some ‘standard ink’ we already had in bulk and instead bought the ‘correct inks from Cityinkexpress being advised by my son that the original Canon inks were solvent based and had a self cleaning effect. We weren’t sure if the ‘correct;’ inks supplied were also solvent based but we bought them anyway having respect for their advice and have used a set of 100cc inks of each of the 4 colours to refill during the 16 months we have had the system. We have now a spare set of inks ready but the reservoirs are all full again.
In use, I find that the printer rarely requires me to run the cleaning process (it tends to run automatically anyway). I do have a tiny section of the cyan missing where the head is blocked on one hole but this occurred using compatible inks and has not yet cleared. It presents no problems using photo or hi-res paper mode and unlike my previous Canon, the printer head can’t be removed for cleaning. But it is no real issue. I only wish I had fitted the CISS ink system earlier. When I do replace the printer, I shall have no hesitation in purchasing another CISS for whatever model we obtain.


We have live reviews on the product page for the Canon IP4950. All reviews submitted for the Canon IP4950 can receive up to 20% off future ink refills, just see the reviews on the product page for the Canon IP4950 to find out how to submit your review. Reviews for the Canon IP4950

I am an amateur photographer who is very serious about his work, taking mainly wildlife shots. I produce my own A4 and A3 Prints, along with Christmas cards and calendars. Some I sell and others are passed on to friends and family. What I’m leading up to is that I must have quality and get that quality as cheaply as possible (I am also retired). Don’t we all want those two anyway?

I have been using City Ink Express for quite some time now, and they fit those criteria. The inks have not faded one iota over at least two years, the colours are accurate and I don't have any waste because I am using a City Ink Express CISS system. I have used one on my Canon PIXMA iP4700 A4 printer for over two years now with absolutely no problems. I have now gone up a notch to A3 format with a new Canon PIXMA iX6550. I have purchased another City Ink Express CISS which is also problem free and saves me even more money.

I really cannot over emphasise how excellent City Ink’s service and product quality are and how much can be saved if only by using their inks. Much larger savings can be made by buying a CISS from them. Here are three savings.

1) Its inevitable when you change, handle or refill cartridges that you waste or lose some ink. By however small an amount - it all adds up over time.
2) It takes time to remove, refill and replace cartridges, then you still have to wash and tidy up which takes more time.
3) There is less wear and tear on your head (?) and other printer parts by not having to continually remove and replace cartridges.

You probably will not wear gloves and no matter how careful you are you will land up with some colourful fingers that last a day or three. Of course there is always the chance of a spillage, with yet more mess.
With a City Ink Express CISS all you need to do is pull out a stopper from whichever ink tank is low and top it up from your ink stock bottles. It’s that simple, easy, clean, quick and waste free. It’s like pouring milk into a cup of tea but is much quicker than making one, even if you should need to refill all five tanks it’s still quicker.

Set the system up, don’t tamper with it, use the printer as normal and it’ll save you TIME, MESS, MONEY and Grey, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow hair.
On the down side you’ll lose the rainbow effect on your fingers.