Today we have a fantastic review from Sharon who has one of our CISS systems. If you'd like to be entered in our monthly prize draw, and receive a discount on all dye and pigment ink purchases, send your review to


I purchased my CISS ink system for my Canon MG6850 printer in February 2018, after reading positive reviews and looking into a cheaper way of printing.


When the parcel arrived I opened it and was surprised to find the soldering iron, however the YouTube tutorials were comprehensive in taking me through step by step how to modify the printer, prime and load the ink system and install it into the printer. It was a complex process and did require 2 pairs of hands sometimes to make the job easier, and some of the lighting in the videos wasn't the best to see what was being demonstrated. I also had a minor problem with a damaged ink cartridge in my parcel however after a quick email I had a new one in the post toot sweet.


Since completing the installation of the system I have been very impressed with the printing results, great quality and so much more cost effective for me.


I would highly recommend the system to anyone who does a sizeable amount of printing, as after the initial outlay I believe the product will pay for itself in no time at all! Thank you City Ink Express!

Today we have a fantastic review from Linda who has one of our continuous ink systems. If you'd like to be entered in our monthly prize draw, and receive a discount on all dye and pigment ink purchases, send your review to


I have recently purchased a new set of cartridges for my Epson CISS printer and was really impressed with the price and service. Delivery was super quick and the help I got when I emailed was excellent.

Today we have a fantastic review from Alistair for his CISS. If you'd like to be entered in our monthly prize draw, and receive a discount on all dye and pigment ink purchases, send your review to


3 Reasons Why CityInkExpress Is AMAZING!!


  1. I hate long reading documents on screens: The CISS has given me a painfully cost effective and cheap way to print PDF documents, manuals, comic books, emails and study materials without the worry of having to ration ink!
  2. I print photos in bulk: All those pictures I’ve taken for Facebook and Instagram are now backed up in hard copy on photographic photo paper, even those blurry ones that never got posted online (because I’m a sentimental fool) and I did it on the cheap!
  3. In 2018 I’ve ordered ink for the first time since 2016 (and I still have a lot of the previous ink left): I print en masse and still can’t believe what an amazing investment this has been. The dye ink I use is cheap and what ink is still left in the system has NOT discoloured, dried-out and prints to a high quality without issue. This is after 2 years of [the ink] sitting in the system!


I want to thank Zac and Shane from the City Ink team personally for their prompt, helpful, concise and friendly replies to several queries I had about my current order. Cheers, guys.

Technology is constantly marching forward, and that applies to the printing industry just as much as it applies to anything else. Just compare a printer from the '90s with the printers that you get nowadays, and you'll see exactly what we mean!


Of course, we occupy an age in which 3D printing is commonplace - the printing world has moved far, far beyond the standard black-and-white documents that your office printer is so good at producing. Here are three of the most amazing new technologies from recent months:



Printable Food

Here's a story that emerged late last year: 3D printers that can actually prepare meals. You probably saw the video of NASA's 'pizza printer' - the results didn't look that appetising, but if you're up in space then any pizza would presumably be welcome. Personally, we won't be interested until they start making printable anchovies to go with the pizza.



The Pen That Can Recreate Any Colour

The Scribble Pen is a real-life version of the 'colour picker' tool from Microsoft Paint. Simply tap your pen on the colour you want, and it will start drawing in that colour - pretty amazing, eh? Ironically, the pen itself is only available in six different colours.



4D Printing

That's right - the human race is already bored of 3D printing, and has swiftly moved on to 4D printing. This technology is still in its very early stages at the moment, but the people behind it have promised that 4D-printed objects will be able to react to their surroundings and adapt themselves accordingly. Come to think of it, isn't that exactly what happened in the Terminator movies?


If you're still happy enough with that boring ol' laser printer of yours, remember that you can buy replacement toner cartridges for a wide range of printers from City Ink Express!

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