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Earlier this month, The Guardian published a story about Epson. The Japanese electronics giant is changing its approach to the printing market; instead of selling printers as heavily-discounted loss leaders and recouping that money with overpriced ink cartridges, Epson will now be selling printers with refillable ink tanks, meaning that you'll pay more for the printer but less for the ink.


If you believe that Guardian article, Epson's latest move will "revolutionise the economics of home printing", winning back consumers who, in the past, were put off by the sky-high price of printer ink. Print-savvy readers, however, will notice that Epson's "innovation" is nothing new - in fact, we at City Ink Express have been selling printers with refillable ink tanks for years!


Fitting your printer with a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) has always been a great money-saving move - a CISS tank lasts longer than any standard ink cartridge, and the ink refills are considerably cheaper than new cartridges. Furthermore, we still believe that our CISS printer bundles represent a more cost-effective choice than Epson's new printers. Let's do the maths...


  • According to The Guardian, Epson's new printers will start at £249.

  • Our cheapest Epson printer bundle - the Epson XP-312 - costs £118 (including VAT) and comes with a CISS tank and 400ml ink included.


As you can see, City Ink Express could still save you quite a packet. A full CISS tank can run for many months before it needs topping up, and when the tank does eventually run dry, our ink refills are very reasonably-priced.


Oh, and if you're more of a laser printer person, we also sell cost-effective toner cartridges!


Click here to read The Guardian's article about Epson.

Printing can be exceptionally expensive. Once you've chosen your printer you then need to consider the ink or toner. You can opt for a continuous ink supply system, a toner cartridge or a standard ink cartridge. If you opt for the last option, then you're going to discover pretty quickly that replacing ink cartridges can be a costly affair. That's why many of our customers choose to refill their ink cartridges themselves, using our extensive range of cheap ink refills. Refilling your ink cartridges can be a little tricky, however - which is why we've put together a handy step by step guide for you to follow after you've purchased your refill kit from City Ink Express. 


Step 1: Gather your ink kit, some paper towels and some clear tape and make sure you have a large, flat surface to work on

Step 2: Remove your empty cartridge from your printer. We'd recommend wearing some disposable gloves because the ink can be extremely messy! Always remember to keep your printer lid closed when you're working

Step 3: Always work over a folded paper towel to avoid any nasty spillages of ink

Step 4: Locate the fill holes on the top of the cartridge. You will be able to locate the holes by feeling for the depressions across the label. Some cartridges might have more than one hole, but only one will lead to the section you need to fill with ink. This section will contain a sponge 

Step 5: Use something sharp to pierce the holes carefully

Step 6: As well as black ink, there are spaces for cyan, yellow and magenta. Make sure you are inserting the correct ink into the designated reservoir. A good way to do this is by inserting a toothpick into each hole to check you have the correct colour 

Step 7: Insert the needle of the ink refill syringe deeply into the reservoir making sure to penetrate the sponge appropriately. 

Step 8: Slowly fill the ink

Step 9: Stop quickly when the reservoir is full

Step 10: Carefully dab the bottom of the cartridge on the paper towel to get rid of any excess

Step 11: Cover the holes with a small piece of see-through tape

Step 12: Repeat the above for each colour

Step 13: When you have finished filling the cartridges, carefully blot the cartridge head on your paper towel

Step 14: Replace the ink cartridge once the cartridge head has stopped leaking 

Step 15: Print a few things immediately as tests


Note: Our cheap ink refills contain only the actual ink, and not the syringe required to refill the cartridge with. This will need to be purchased separately. 

Following on from a query we had off a customer yesterday, we thought we would write a mini blog explaining the key differences between pigment, dye and lyson ink.

Pigment ink is waterproof – this means it is suitable for external use, as well as of course internal use. In fact, pigment ink can last up to 70 years without experiencing any fade whatsoever, giving it top marks for long-lasting durability. One drawback of pigment ink is that the colours it produces tend to be duller and flatter than some other ink types.

Dye ink on the other hand gives a much more vivid, vibrant and emphatic colour – making it an ideal choice for those wanting to showcase their print quality. The downside of dye is that it fades a lot quicker than pigment ink, and it’s also not waterproof either.

Lyson ink - our final talking point – is actually a UV dye ink that can last up to 25 years without fading; this means you can have the vibrancy of a dye ink, with the longevity of a pigment ink – score!

And there you have it, all 3 types of ink have their pros and cons, you just need to decide which factors are important to you and your printing needs!

We have just released a range of refillable cheap inkjet cartridges for the following epson printers complete with ARC auto reset chips,




As you can see by our video, simple to use and clean !