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In case you hadn't already noticed, here at City Ink Express we are champions of the continuous ink supply system (CISS). We would argue that using a CISS rather than your standard printer ink cartridges is far more efficient, time-saving and will not affect the quality of your printing. As well as a professional and efficient printing job, opting for a CISS system over a standard printer cartridge will save you a very significant chunk of money indeed!


Here are the two main reasons why CISS systems save you money:


1. They last far longer than a traditional ink cartridge 

Your CISS system is a fairly large tank with four separate containers for the different coloured inks. There is significantly more room in each of these containers than in any individual printing cartridge meaning that naturally the ink in your CISS system will last far, far longer than in any ink cartridge for there is simply more of it! 


2. They are much cheaper to refill 

Though purchasing and setting up a CISS system can be relatively costly, once you have your system in place the price of the ink refills are dramatically less than you would pay for a standard ink cartridge. Therefore, with a CISS system you pay out once and then have a stress-free printing life with cheap refills, but with purchasing ink cartridges you pay out a hefty sum every time you're out of ink! 


And there you have it - the lowdown on CISS systems. We know which printing option we'd prefer. 

Here at City Ink Express we strive to offer a complete service to our customers. Our continuous ink supply systems can save you a tremendous amount of money - in some cases up to 80%. If you purchase our printer bundles then we'll do the tricky installation bit for you, ensuring your CISS system is properly fitted to your new system. If you're just going to order your CISS system and install it yourself however, then we want to ensure that we can provide you with any help you might need. 


Naturally we get dozens of enquiries on fitting CISS systems to different printer models every day, and it is nigh on impossible for us to get back to everyone - though we do try our best. To try and combat this problem we decided to create a City Ink Express YouTube Channel and create some fantastic easy-to-follow tutorials on fitting CISS systems to different printers, replacing ink in CISS systems and various other handy things. 


We've built up quite a library of tutorials and we're frequently adding new videos and based on some great feedback and regular sharing from you guys, we're pleased to announce they're going down really well! As long as there's a need, we will do our best to meet those needs by adding videos regularly.

We rely on our feedback to understand what you guys want to see and what you like to see. Chell said that "The quality [of her City Ink Express CISS system] is excellent and, with the photo step by step and the video on YouTube it was so simple, it was so easy to install" and another loyal customer told others "don't worry if you're unfamiliar with CISS, CityInk have provided helpful step-by-step videos for each system, available on Youtube." We're very thankful for your feedback and would love to keep hearing from you.

Our latest video can be found here: 


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Well its a sad day for this model - we were planning to look and develop this model shortly - but after i was shopping in Nottingham on Saturday i saw the MG6350 printer in John Lewis so decided to take a look at it and see if it would be possible.


Unfortunatey due to design of this printer it wont be possible There is no clearance room for the inklines with just a couple of mm all around the print head when it travels under the casing


Its slender sleek design is the 1st issue  - without height make it difficult for the inklines














The second issue is lid opening design and clearance from the print head







The only options customers will ever see for this model will be Refillable cartridges or compatbile cartridges - Refillable cartridges are and excellent alternative to a ciss and offer the same cost cutting benefits  - as soon as we have them available we will post


regards shane

We are currently developing and testing ciss continuous ink systems for the Canon IP7250, MG5450 and MG6350. The release date is expected to be the end of November 2012.



We are also developing ciss continuous ink systems for the Canon Pixma Pro-1, Pro-10 and Pro-100. Release date to be confirmed.

If you want to save pockets of money on printing  you need a CONTINUOUS INK SYSTEM.

The ink level does not seem to move down when printing not like with the original cartridges (blink and no ink )
It was so easy to set up and resetting when printer says cartridge is empty is so simple.