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Canon is a huge name in the printing industry. This Japanese company has been on the scene for more than 75 years, and the brand is synonymous with top-quality printing and photography equipment. Canon printers can be found in homes, schools and offices the world over – no matter what you need a printer for, Canon is a great choice.


Here are some of Canon’s best printers as of February 2014:


Canon PIXMA iP2702

Canon PIXMA iP2702
Brilliance on a Budget 

The iP2702 is one of the most inexpensive colour printers you’re likely to find. Some people have criticised it for its slow print speed and the amount of noise it makes while printing, but for just £14.90 (the price at time of writing), you can’t complain, can you?


Canon PIXMA MG6350

Canon PIXMA MG6350
Everything You Need

This is an all-in-one printer, which means that it can do scans and copies as well as straightforward prints. The quality that you get from the MG6350 is outstanding; it includes a ‘fast’ mode that cuts down on ink usage, and several Amazon reviewers have noted that the print-outs look great even in fast mode. 


Canon PIXMA PRO-100

Canon PIXMA PRO-100
The Best Your Photos Can Get

  Canon printers in general are pretty good for photo printing – after all, the company are arguably even better-known for their cameras than for their printers. Still, if you’re a professional photographer, you’ll want your snaps to look absolutely perfect when you print them off, and that’s where the PRO-100 comes in. It’s Canon’s top photo printer, and while it certainly isn’t cheap, the quality you get is well worth the cost.


Canon i-Sensys LBP7110CW

Canon i-Sensys LBP7110CW
 One for the Office

This big, heavy-duty printer is perfect for a busy office environment. It prints quickly and crisply, and since it's a laser printer (as opposed to the inkjet printers found in Canon's PIXMA range), your documents won't get smudged and you won't have to change the toner cartridge very often!


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Well its a sad day for this model - we were planning to look and develop this model shortly - but after i was shopping in Nottingham on Saturday i saw the MG6350 printer in John Lewis so decided to take a look at it and see if it would be possible.


Unfortunatey due to design of this printer it wont be possible There is no clearance room for the inklines with just a couple of mm all around the print head when it travels under the casing


Its slender sleek design is the 1st issue  - without height make it difficult for the inklines














The second issue is lid opening design and clearance from the print head







The only options customers will ever see for this model will be Refillable cartridges or compatbile cartridges - Refillable cartridges are and excellent alternative to a ciss and offer the same cost cutting benefits  - as soon as we have them available we will post


regards shane

Ciss continuous ink system review video for the Canon Pixma MG5150 and MG5250


Ciss continuous ink system review video for the Canon Pixma MG6150 and MG6250


Ciss continuous ink system review video for the Canon Pixma MG8150