Continuous Ink Supply system 

My last Epson printer had a Continuous ink supply system fitted and worked extremely well over the years I had it.

Unfortunately my printer went wrong so after looking at the City Ink Express site and finding that a CISS was available for an Epson XP-3105 I then bought the printer. Straight away I went to the City ink express site to purchase the Continuous ink supply system quoted for the printer.

Ordering was extremely simple and exactly as was promised, my CISS package arrived after 3 working days.

Watching the videos on how to fit the system to my printer made the installation very simple and within half hour (as mentioned) my printer was up an running. I printed out a document on plain paper and the resolution and colour was fantastic. I then tried it on a picture I had taken, once again the colour and resolution was perfect, it looked as good as I used to get when getting prints processed from a photographers.

I really am impressed with this item, which I am sure will be as good as my previous CISS, will save me an awful lot of money not having to change inks at about £16.00 for each colour. Order one now, you will not be disappointed


Kind Regards



I waited a while to write this review as i wanted to see how the ink was with my printer (epson XP900) Delivery was pretty quick, i was a little worried about the whole set up process as im not the best at technical things but i followed the youtube video guide for my particular printer and it was a breeze tbh. I honestly cant fault the whole process of ordering, delivery and setup of the inks to my printer. The inks themselves i cant fault either and they have lasted me months so far. I recomend this company and ink setup to everyone i know! It has saved me so much money in ink replacement. Craig

We've been using your CISS systems for years and this is a genuine review but of course I've taken the trouble to write it mainly to get a discount.


This is the second CISS system we’ve bought from City Ink Express. That might sound odd but the first one we bought was so good that the Epson printer it fitted simply wore out and as they’d stopped making that model  we were forced to replace the printer even though the CISS system was still perfect after years of use. That first system saved us thousands and thousands of pounds in ink cartridge costs and hundreds of hours faffing about replacing them.


Kind regards


I recently purchased the Ciss Ink System for my new Epson XP15000. Even though the inks are non-genuine, I have been really impressed with the colour quality. It was also very easy to install following along with the video on the website. I have also had the Ciss Ink System for my Epson WF7110 for four or five years now and it has been consistently performing really well. Very glad I found City Ink Express, its saved me so much money on cartridges.



I've been a customer of City Ink Express for a number of years now and I'm always impressed by the quality of all products. CISS systems have made my business so much easier to run and you always get a friendly response if you need any technical support. All inks have always been the best in my eyes, after trying numerous different companies and brands over the years.


Many thanks - Calvin