I have installed several CIS systems before. This one was easy. It just took some preparation and time and did work first time without any extra head cleaning.


The delivered system was mostly the same as the one in the online videos for priming and fitting.


Ink bottle design has changed from video; small screw top now makes pouring easier. A couple of extra double-sided tape clips for the ink line were supplied, which were not required.

At the moment we are working on ciss and expect to be releasing around mid - end of March 2020 at this time we currently have refillable ink cartridges and cheap compatible ink cartridges which can be found click here


ciss continuous ink system for Epson XP-8500,XP-8505,XP-8000,XP-8600,XP-8605,XP-15000

ciss continuous ink system for Epson XP-6000,XP-6005,XP-6100,XP-6105

ciss continuous ink system for Epson XP-5100,XP-5105

ciss continuous ink system for Epson WF-2860DWF,WF-2865DWF

ciss continuous ink system for Epson WF-4740DTWF,WF-4720DWF,WF-4725DWF,WF-4730DTWF,WF-4740DWF,WF-4730DWF

ciss continuous ink system for Epson WF-3725DWF,WF-3720DWF,WF-3720

ciss continuous ink system for Epson WF-2830DWF,WF-2835DWF,WF-2850DWF,WF-2810DWF

ciss continuous ink system for Epson XP-2100,XP-2105,XP-3100,XP-3105,XP-4100,XP-4105

As per usual we will match the ink type to what the manufacturers use whether it be dye / pigment ink or  a mix of both,  we dont use ink types that are not suitable or being used on a long term basis by the print head


Arc auto reset chips are already available which is how we have managed to release refillable ink cartridges already

I have been using CityInkExpress products for a number of years, and I can honestly say they're the best inks I've ever used, their pigment ink is even better than the original Canon stuff, believe it or not!

I run a small card printing business and their CISS system and inks have saved me an absolute fortune compared to buying the original ones.

I’ve had to call their support line a couple of times and the experience was nothing but positive, I was recommended which printer and inks to buy for my needs.

I would recommend this company to anyone without hesitation.

We have used CityInkExpress a number of times for our HP Envy 4500 Printer and Continuous Ink System.

We have telephoned them for advice as to which ink to purchase (as our printer is a little old) and have been very happy with their recommendations in terms of suitability, efficiency and cost.

We have found their service both responsive and reliable and are more than happy to use them again and recommend them

We are please to announce the release of refillable ink cartridges for the following printers WF-3725DWF,WF-3720DWF,WF-3720 now ciss arc chips ( auto reset ) have become available a ciss continuous ink system will soon follow 3 months +.


The chip prices are being kept high at the moment so the chip manufacturer can claw back some of the development costs and we would expect the price to lower in around 6 - 12 months 


The cartridges can be purchased here https://www.cityinkexpress.co.uk/cheap-printer-cartridges/cheap-printer-cartridges-for-epson-printers


WF-3720DWF Refillable