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There are many, many printer companies in the market – Wikipedia lists more than 100 – and so you might think that providing a truly comprehensive range of ink and toner solutions would be a near-impossible task.


But while staying on top of the ever-expanding range of available models is certainly a challenge, we have found that certain brands are mentioned far more frequently than others. There may be 100+ manufacturers in Wikipedia’s list, but the five or six biggest names on that list account for the vast majority of our sales.


With that in mind, here’s our countdown of the 5 Biggest Printer Companies in the World:


Samsung logo

5. Samsung

Founded: 1938

Home Country: South Korea

 Samsung is a huge name across dozens of different industries – aside from printers, they also manufacture smartphones, televisions, cameras, kitchen appliances, and goodness knows what else. Why are they only #5? Because, unlike most of the other companies on this list, printers aren’t really Samsung’s main export; they’re just a single string in the company’s bow!


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Epson logo

4. Epson

Founded: 1942

Home Country: Japan

Epson is part of the Seiko Group, but while the Seiko brand is synonymous with watches and clocks, Epson have carved out a huge name for themselves in the printing game. As of Autumn 2012, their market share was more than 15%, and they’ve continued to flourish in spite of controversies regarding their ink cartridges.


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Canon logo

3. Canon

Founded: 1937

Home Country: Japan

 One might argue that Canon are better known for their cameras than for their printers, but let’s not split hairs – printing and photography go hand-in-hand anyway, and Canon are international leaders in both markets. They’re also the only company on this list without a blue-and-white logo, so more power to them for bucking the trend!


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Brother logo

2. Brother

Founded: 1908

Home Country: Japan

Brother are by far the oldest company on this list (they were founded almost three decades before Canon, although admittedly they were called the Yasui Sewing Machine Company throughout a large chunk of their early history).  While companies like Canon and Samsung have complemented their printing products with successful forays into other markets, Brother have mainly been all about the printers for some time now. And it’s paid off – their machines are some of the very best available.


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HP logo

1. Hewlett-Packard

Founded: 1939

Home Country: USA

You thought Japan were going to run away with this list, didn't you? 'Fraid not - America, as usual, are at the top of the tree, and even though printers are only a part of HP's massive hardware and software range, Hewlett-Packard printers still appear to be the most popular worldwide.


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Though we sell a lot of the individual components to make your own CISS setup, we also sell affordable printer bundles that do all of the work for you. With one of our affordable printer bundles, we’ll sell you everything you need to setup your very own continuous ink system!


For those of you new to the idea of CISS printer bundles, the basic principle is this: we will sell you a refillable ink cartridge, along with a quality printer to use it with; as the printers come with compatible CISS systems, you don’t have to do anything except top up your ink reservoirs when necessary – and the biggest advantage of doing this is you can pick up ink refills for a lot cheaper than standard cartridges (both of which we stock, by the way).


We like to think of our affordable printer bundles as a double saving; not only are the printer bundles themselves a seriously good price, but the whole setup is designed to carry on saving you money for as long as you have the printer. City Ink Express know just how extortionate printer ink can be, so by offering affordable CISS packages, we feel we are doing our bit.


Whether you’re after Epson CISS printer bundles, HP printer bundles, Canon printer bundles, or even affordable Brother printer bundles, City Ink Express should be your first port-of-call, and your only one!

Ink in printer


Neither ink nor toner are particularly cheap to purchase, but knowing the facts about both will help you to make a more economical printing decision. Here’s a general rule of thumb for anyone who’s worried about printing costs:


Ink cartridges are cheaper, but toner cartridges last longer.

Inkjet and laser printing both have their merits and drawbacks – neither method is objectively better than the other – but broadly speaking, it’s safe to assume that inkjet printing is better for people who only print occasionally, whereas laser printing can be a more cost-effective choice for heavy workloads.


Ink and Toner: The Numbers

So you want to know exactly how much ink cartridges and toner cartridges cost? Well, the prices vary greatly between different brands and models, but here’s an example...


This is a Brother MFC-J6910DW printer. It is an all-in-one colour inkjet printer. If you’re buying direct from Brother, you’ll pay roughly £24 for a black ink cartridge, and roughly £16 each for the cyan, yellow, and magenta cartridges. This means that a complete set of replacement cartridges would cost around £72, and this would keep you going for about 600 pages.


This is a Brother DCP-9270CDN printer. Again, it’s an all-in-one colour printer, but this is a laser printer, so it takes toner cartridges instead of ink. The printer itself costs roughly the same amount as the MFC-J6910DW, but how do the cartridges compare in price and lifespan?


Well, the black cartridge would set you back roughly £60, and each of the coloured cartridges would cost £78 or thereabouts (again, we’re assuming that you’re purchasing direct from Brother). That’s a total of just under £300 for a complete refill, but the superior page yield would keep you going for at least 1,500 pages – more than twice as many as the ink cartridges!


Having said that, there are cheaper ways to do both laser printing and inkjet printing. If you use a laser printer, you can buy cost-effective ‘compatible’ toner cartridges from City Ink Express – while these aren’t made by the original printer manufacturer (e.g. Brother), they are just as good in terms of quality and output, and they cost far less. For example, a compatible black toner cartridge for the Brother DCP-9270CDN costs just £29.60 from our site – that’s a saving of about 50%!


And then, for inkjet users, there’s CISS. Buying a CISS system for your printer will meant that you don’t have to buy new cartridges quite as often, and our CISS ink refills are cheaper than the average ink cartridge to boot!


Photo by André Karwath (view original here)

Pricing is everything when it comes to running a business, and that obviously stretches to printing costs too. Trying to cipher which is the most economical laser printer will help you keep your costs down by allowing you the most efficient form of printing.


To help you find the most economical laser printer, we have scoured the internet and found 3 of the most efficient machines money can buy today! And here they are:


Samsung Printer Xpress c410w

This awesome colour laser printer will allow you to print 7,000 pages before you need to change your toner cartridges – this massive allowance will allow you to save money to put into other areas of your business. As well as being the most economical laser printer around, this Samsung device is extremely compact, has a massive 32MB of memory, and has an impressive colour resolution of 2,400 dpi.


HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4525dn

The HP LaserJet Enterprise is the other most economical laser printer you can buy today with an astronomical toner yield of up to 8,500 pages – this figure really dwarves the rest of the field, and should help you make some important savings. On top of being insanely economical with its toner, this HP model produces super-speedy prints in as quick as 9.5 seconds, and is compatible with just about any operating system going.


OKI Data C C531dn

Our last offering of economical laser printers brings us to this OKI device – the OKI Data C C531dn. With a toner yield of 5,000 pages this printer is still one of the most efficient and economical machines you can buy today! What you’ll also like about this model is it actually uses LEDs rather than lasers for increased print-efficiency, and it only takes 7.5 seconds to warm-up – which is ideal for those looking to print in a jiffy.


We honestly don’t mean to intentionally blow our own trumpets all the time, but we really believe we can offer you the best deal on printer ink refills anywhere on the internet.


For years now we have specialised in CISS printers – Continuous Ink Supply Systems - as well as the printer ink refills to supplement them. The basic principle behind these printer systems is by allowing yourself a continuous connection the ink jets can use a much larger ink reservoir. This then means you can purchase your printer ink refills in larger volumes and save yourselves a ton of money on printing costs.


It’s clear then why you would want to incorporate a CISS printer into your home or office space, but why should you then choose City Ink Express to purchase it from? Well while we’re on the subject of cost, we do offer the most competitive price around, so as well as saving on printing costs in general, you can save on the refills when they do eventually need replacing too – bonus.

Ink Refills


Not all printers are able to install a CISS system, but we’ll even sell you a CISS printer bundle which includes everything you need to start saving money today! When you do purchase a printer or printer ink refills from City Ink Express, you’ll also have access to our massive resource of printing-related material, should you have future difficulties installing or refilling your printer.


At City Ink Express, we’re passionate about printing, and we aim to leave a good impression!