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We've got some very exciting news from the City Ink Express offices this week - and that is that some of our fantastic products are being featured on National Television! 'Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose' airs Saturday mornings between 9:00 and 10:00am on Channel 4 and on this week's episode (Saturday 4th October) our Edible Ink Starter Kit with Canon MG5550 A4 with Scanner Value Kit will feature alongside presenters Steve Jones and Lisa Snowdon.




Saturday's episode of Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose will contain a section on cake decorating with master patissier Eric Lanlard, and edible printing features as part of this. With our range of edible ink and edible ink printers you can decorate your baked goods with precision and flair, really taking the quality of your cakes to the next level!


With edible ink printers you can use a variety of different papers including edible wafer papers, icing papers and even some delicious choco icing papers! These will make your fantastic creations come to life in a delicious edible way.


Anyone who enjoys baking and would love to explore taking their creations to the next level should look at our edible ink products and see City Ink Express can help transform your baking.



Tune in to Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose on Channel 4 this Saturday 04th October at 9:00-10:00 am for some fabulous recipes and foodie ideas, and of course to see our fantastic edible ink starter kit in action! 

If you have your own printer, you probably live in constant fear of that ‘running low’ notification. And, considering the astronomical cost of ink and toner, your fear is completely justified – an empty cartridge tends to mean that your wallet will soon be empty too!


With that in mind, here are a few ways to make your ink/toner go further and delay the dreaded ‘ink low’ message for a little bit longer...


  • Print in 'Greyscale' mode

    If you’re printing a black and white document, make sure your printer knows it. Before printing, ensure that you have checked the ‘Greyscale’ or ‘Black and White’ box (as opposed to the ‘Colour’ box); if you print a monochrome document in ‘Colour’, your printer may still waste coloured ink to produce the document.

  • Use toner-efficient fonts

    Some typefaces use more ink than others; people have actually conducted studies on this topic, and they’ve found that Garamond is the #1 font for saving ink/toner, followed by Courier (Comic Sans was one of the worst, in case you needed another reason to avoid Comic Sans like the plague). Before you print another document, think: does this memo need to be in Times New Roman? Or would Garamond do just as well?

  • Check for a 'Toner Save' feature

    Some printers have a ‘Toner Save’ (or ‘Ink Save’) mode that uses less toner/ink without making too much difference to print quality. If your printer has this function, we strongly recommend taking advantage of it – check the ‘Properties’ tab before you print anything else.

  • Only print what's necessary

    Okay, this is a pretty low-tech tip to finish on, but it’s worth mentioning. Before you send a document for printing, ask whether or not you need all of the content on that page. If you’ve got a paragraph of needless waffle, or an image that doesn’t really add anything in particular, get rid of it – why waste ink on something you don’t need?


Of course, even when you’re striving to reduce your wastage in any way you can, every cartridge will eventually run dry. When that happens, remember: you can get toner cartridges for less with City Ink Express!

7 Fun Things to Print

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We've come up with an awesome list of 10 fun things to print, and the best thing is, they're all free! 


We generally use our printers for mundane tasks, but infact, you can actually use them to print off some pretty cool stuff. Confused? Don't be, the next 7 little pearls of wisdom will soon make everything clear...



If you fancy getting your hands on any of these fun things to print, simply click on the name to be taken to the appropriate page. You can thank us later.


To give you an idea of the kind of savings you could be making with City Ink Express, we thought we would share with you our HP toner cartridges price list. You will find both examples of original and compatible options on our HP toner cartridges price list, so you can choose whether you wish to have toner made by HP themselves, or a third-party manufacturer.


Though we’ll give you some examples from our HP toner cartridges price list, if you go to our HP toner page itself you will find a complete list of devices listed by their model number. All you must do then is select your model to be directed to a list of toner cartridges that are compatible with your particular printer.


Some examples are:


HP LaserJet 2100

C4096A LaserJet 2100 Compatible Toner | Black

£29.14 inc. VAT

C4096X LaserJet 2100 Compatible High Capacity Toner | Black

£36.16 inc. VAT



C4096A LaserJet 2100 Toner | Black

£92.32 inc. VAT


HP LaserJet 4000


C4127XX LaserJet 4000 Compatible High Capacity Toner | Black

£36.36 inc. VAT

C4127X LaserJet 4000 Compatible High Capacity Toner | Black

£40.43 inc. VAT


C4127X LaserJet 4000 High Capacity Toner | Black 

£114.19 inc. VAT

CMYK Art: 10 of the Best!

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As any printing buffs in the audience will already know, CMYK is the model that most colour printers use to create those vividly colourful print-outs that we all love so much. The printer uses four colours - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (Key) - and these are mixed to create the colours that you require. This is why your colour printer needs four toner cartridges to function properly.


Of course, those four colours make a pretty striking combination even, and hundreds of artists and designers have put this colour scheme to good use in their work! Here are 10 of our favourite pieces of CMYK art from around the internet:


CMYK self-portrait by creativeliz


CMYK spacemen by Matt Fontaine


CMYK telephone seat from


CMYK flamingos from Everything Begins

CMYK EP by James Blake (released on cyan, magenta, and yellow vinyl)


For more stunning CMYK art, check out our Fun with CMYK board on Pinterest!