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We regularly get asked tips on how to save toner whilst printing, because as we all know, toner cartridges can be pretty expensive. Regularly replacing your toner cartridge can massively bump up the overall cost of printing, so it's important to try and save money where possible without ever comprimising the quality of our printing jobs. Here are our top tips for saving toner whilst still printing everything you need! 


That's how they get you.


1. Where possible, when shopping for your printer try and research which printer has the best value for money and cost per page. Occasionally you'll think you're purchasing a cheap laser printer but the cost per page far outweighs the low initial price. Quality over price will always help your printing costs in the long run! 


2. Get a printer which allows you to print double-sided. An automatic duplexer will allow you to print copy on both sides of the page - massively saving your printing costs. You'll also be far more economical by printing this way. Doing your bit for the environment is always a plus, right? 


3. Some printers will have an ink-saving or toner-saving mode. If you can select this in the settings of your printer then do - it will really try and get the most out of your cartridge.


4. Be sceptical of low-cartridge warnings. Printer manufacturers can afford to reduce the cost of their laser printers by charging a lot for toner cartridges, ensuring repeat purchases. They want your money as often as possible so always be sceptical when you get a warning message - you've probably got a few more prints before you need to replace it! 


5. Take care of your toner and ink. Run regular cleaning cycles of your printing nozzles and print test pages to ensure everything is working properly. Ensuring no build up of debris or ink/toner blockages are effecting your print will improve the ink/toner flow, meaning you get more out of your cartridges.


6. Perhaps most importantly of all - don't shy away from alternative toner cartridges. Branded toner cartridges can cost you a fortune, but here at City Ink Express we stock an enormous range of high-quality, alternative cheap toner cartridges which will keep your printer working in tip top condition!  

Hi, Shane, Many thanks for the very quick turnaround on the Light Magenta cartridge, it arrived the next day. I have since filled and installed all six Citylink Exp cartridges and all is well. Print head align and test page all worked well. Printing standard office documents looks excellent. As hoped for!! Photography test was to print a contact sheet of eight reference prints which i developed in Canon (DPP, Raw) from my EOS 40D a few weeks ago and have already printed out on HP Premium Plus Paper with Vivera Ink, using HP profiles for HP Prem Plus paper.

The same prints on HP Prem Plus with HP profile but using Lyson ink were very close to the HP Vivera set. Your average punter would be hard pressed to tell the difference, with out both sheets side by side. My conclusion is that the Lyson inks are a good replacement for HP Vivera, producing nice sharp prints which very close to HP colour and that is without the correct Lyson ' HP Paper profile.

The Lyson ink seems to deliver very slightly more saturated colour particularly blue and green, giving a slightly darker print(in exposure terms about 1/3 of a stop) so not much. I look forward to getting my HP Prem Plus and Advanced papers profiled to hopefully provide the perfect match and finally receiving the full set of Lyson Paper profiles so I can try them all out and probably move fully over to Lyson papers as well. So far a great success and thank you once again for your help so far. Best regards,