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The manual was OK but the translation isn't perfect and the images are difficult to make out what your supposed to be looking at, that said after studying it a couple of times I got the gist of how to proceed.
The videos online are very good and show clearly what to do.

Well I unpacked everything and nothing was missing so that's a good start.

I had already removed the cartridge cover from my printer following the online video instruction, however you need to be careful not to break the clip as I did, saying that the break wasn't a problem as you can just push the side section back in but you don't actually need to as it performs no function.

I removed my old cartridges, sorted out the tubing removing any twists etc I then inserted the cartridge block into the printer, they seemed to go in fine but you will notice in the one photo a rather blurred picture of the printer display showing all cartridges in error, this was my fault as I just hadn't been firm enough when pushing the cartridges in, once I put a bit of weight behind it the error disappeared.

I didn't locate the tube support as suggested as I found it made the tubes twist which could have caused a jam when the print head moves fully to the left, you'll see in the photos I positioned it on the upper inside edge instead which made the tube lie flatter, it does cause it to catch the lid a little but it doesn't restrict the movement in any way it just makes a rubbing noise. The second support was positioned as instructed.
Right everything was in place and I was ready to go, I switched the printer on and I got the error I mentioned earlier, pressed the cartridges in properly, tried again and the printer charged the system and sat ready waiting to print, I tried a nozzle check and everything was perfect. I've printed a bunch of A4 photos since and they look great.

The install was all done in less than 1 hour and would have been quicker if I had pushed the cartridges in properly in the first place.
I am really pleased with the system and give the whole experience a 9/10 only because the manual could be a bit clearer but it's not the end of the world.

Many Thanks

Hi, Shane, Many thanks for the very quick turnaround on the Light Magenta cartridge, it arrived the next day. I have since filled and installed all six Citylink Exp cartridges and all is well. Print head align and test page all worked well. Printing standard office documents looks excellent. As hoped for!! Photography test was to print a contact sheet of eight reference prints which i developed in Canon (DPP, Raw) from my EOS 40D a few weeks ago and have already printed out on HP Premium Plus Paper with Vivera Ink, using HP profiles for HP Prem Plus paper.

The same prints on HP Prem Plus with HP profile but using Lyson ink were very close to the HP Vivera set. Your average punter would be hard pressed to tell the difference, with out both sheets side by side. My conclusion is that the Lyson inks are a good replacement for HP Vivera, producing nice sharp prints which very close to HP colour and that is without the correct Lyson ' HP Paper profile.

The Lyson ink seems to deliver very slightly more saturated colour particularly blue and green, giving a slightly darker print(in exposure terms about 1/3 of a stop) so not much. I look forward to getting my HP Prem Plus and Advanced papers profiled to hopefully provide the perfect match and finally receiving the full set of Lyson Paper profiles so I can try them all out and probably move fully over to Lyson papers as well. So far a great success and thank you once again for your help so far. Best regards,